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Students' Feedback

  • Hello from Seville in Spain

    Here are some notes from students who wrote to Lingualink: Hi. Have settled in finally. Seville is a beautiful city and it´s quite easy to walk everywhere. Most people are on vacation now and there´s so much road work that it´s noisy and dirty. My room is very nice with a bathroom and air conditioning on the roof a student´residence. The room mates are charming - an Israeli from Haifa - 23 years old and a med student at the Technion whose parents are on sabbatical in Boston - ironic so that´s his next stop. There are two 18 year old French guys who are charming, an Australian my age who writes travel books and is married, a 19 year old girl from Germany and others I haven´t met yet. All in all, a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The school is very nice and classes are pleasant and easy. Of course, my other sandal broke (one did in England) and I had to buy shoes immediately (bought two pair). Went food shopping yesterday and things are quite expensive. The cheapest item was wine of course.

  • From Cuernavaca, Mexico

    From Cuernavaca in Mexico Sorry it took us too long to write to you, we seem to have misplaced your e-mail address. Anyway, now that we have it, we are so happy to inform you that this place is far beyond all our expectations. To start with, the family Salgado is exceptionally nice and warm. The house is fantastic. We have the whole floor for ourselves, with a beautiful balcony and spacious room. The senorita does her best to make our stay with her as pleasant as possible. The meals are good, and the house is so clean. We thought so before we went to see another house (being invited to new Japanese friends) but afterwards we even appreciate it more. As for the school, this too is as nice as it can get. It is intimate, warm and yet efficient. It is just a pity that there are not enough students to mingle with, but there are the good sides too, since it is just the two of us in a class. Today we had a cooking class and then a fiesta with all the students (6) staff (6) and few members of their family. It was a lot of fun, prior to that we had a field trip to the local market, which was colorful and odorous and exciting. We appreciate your efforts in the course of finding us the perfect place for us.

    Yael & Malca
  • From Münster in Germany

    Hallo, whats up? here in Germany every thing is good , iam having a lot of fun, you know meeting new people from all over the world . its realy nice, and the school is nice . It's been a long trip , but went good.. And the weather hear is really cold, snow falling today realy nice. The people I live with are very warm and helpful. Iam having a good time. starting to learn German is hard u know ,but it will be ok . i want to thank u for your help . so thanks alot. From ms

    M. S.
  • A note from Florence

    I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me... Everything was settled 'bellissimo' !!! especially the apartment - right in the center of the city! Firenze is wonderful and I am staying here for 2 more weeks, and now I even know a little bit of Italian... GRAZIE!! Ciao in Israel!

    Linor M., Ramat Hasharon
  • A letter from Barcelona

    I just had to write you this letter about my trip to Barcelona. … I know that I had the best luck possible choosing Lingualink to send me to Barcelona to learn Spanish…. You got me so excited about the whole idea… I've traveled quite a lot, but Barcelona is the happiest city I've ever been to. You gave me ample information about the school and Spain. Our teacher was very professional and up-to-date on teaching methods, as well as being patient, nice, funny, and particularly good-looking! … I was also pleased that I was able to use the internet free of charge to stay in contact with my family… My apartment was in a lovely and safe neighborhood. The apartment was very nice and the people even nicer… One of the real benefits of the school were the afternoon trips and week-end excursions. Our tour guide was wonderful. The trips were varied and interesting. All of the explanations were in Spanish, which I believe helped my learning process. … As a person on my own that had never been to Spain before, these trips were educational as well as social. This trip was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It surpassed all my expectations. I already put together my photo album, but the memories will stay in my heart forever. Thank you for making this all possible.

    Cindy, Bet Horon
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