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Reasons why you should book a course through Lingualink

The Personal Touch
We know every school we recommend. We visit them and keep in close touch with the staff.

We see the whole picture - and also know the details that may make a difference to you.

We will provide you with detailed information and practical tips. We help you find the school best suited to your needs - and can offer you informed advice about every aspect of your trip.

You should contact Lingualink if

  • you appreciate a service which is personal, professional and sincere.
  • you want help in finding the school most suitable for you.
  • you want detailed information about the schools.
  • you want advice from someone who has over 20 years of experience in working with overseas schools.
  • you want help in selecting the type of course.
  • you want professional assistance in booking the accommodation that is best for you.
  • you want to pay the exact price each school lists, with no additional charges.
  • you want to benefit from special offers.

Lingualink has a Proud Record of Excellent Service

Lingualink offers you a superb professional and personal service, based on more than 20 years of experience in language training and overseas travels.



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